You want more leads and more sales? We know this is what you want – and we specialise in giving you precisely this: Webstudio combines traditional telemarketing with innovative digital marketing to create real 360° sales solutions. In order to generate measurable sales success for you, we use analytics and new technologies such as machine-based learning, AI or data-driven marketing.

Neither in our thinking nor in the implementation of strategies we are facing limits: Webstudio  supports projects in over 30 local markets in the economic area of EMEA with more than 40 languages.

Benefit from our international industry expertise and our sales know-how for your custom project – we are happy to be measured by your sales success.

Our Journey


Passion for sales is firmly rooted in our DNA: the founders Klodi and Soni have 15 years of sales and marketing experience and have specialised with Webstudio in fully exploiting classic and innovative sales channels for their customers. A wide variety of project volumes and disciplines can be covered due to the international distribution of the company’s locations and the pooling of expertise in four business areas.

With Klodi and Soni, the company has two full-blooded businessmen at the helm. Both have been working together in a variety of situations for 15 years. In 2020, the former companies of the two businessmen, Klodi (CEO) and Soni (CEO), merged to form Webstudio. The new company is launching a strategy to offer holistic, fully digitised 360° sales solutions, which is virtually unique in Europe.



Creating 2 big products that were used in 190+ countries, and by hundreds of thousands of people gave us an immense advantage, in understanding how the market works, what the users are expecting to get. As well as what technology fits best, when, how. How to promote our service, how to take care of our clients, support and maintain. in one word – the full cycle.

This was the next logic step – to create a new division – Webstudio Web Design Agency, that will help other companies to design and develop correct & clever Websites, Online Shops, Corporate Websites and Identities.

Today we are working very closely both with well-established companies and young startups
to create eye-candy and user-friendly websites for their markets. With every client, we have a very personal and friendly relationship, which we care a lot in business. We won’t tell much, you can check how happy are our clients here.



Webstudio is a team of 12. 6 out of 12 are working together since 2014. The main office is located in the heart of Tirana, Albania. Here we are meeting on a daily basis and have the workshops with most of our clients. To have the privilege of working with the best specialists we need for our industry and without compromising the boards, we have 2 more offices in Austria and Italy.



During all these years we have met different clients, easy and sophisticated, beginners and well-established institutions. With no roadmap ahead and with solid plans to be followed. But what they all enjoyed working with my team and I – is our flexibility, proven experience, communication and the extra mile.

We honestly want our clients to succeed online in their fields. We create them high-end websites that stand out on their market, be seen and memorized as a benchmark in what they do. Our clients get websites that send the right message and obtain the market and customer’s respect. The proven track record of our experience makes this possible.


A strange comparison, but IT is like the Medical Industry. A surgeon is not performing any gynaecology treatment. Same here. We cover a clear range of services and stick to them. We do what we know best. No compromise on quality and tech overwhelm.

That is why, once we commit, there is no doubt that we will deliver what is expected and beyond. Without stressing out because of overestimations and excessive promises to the client. We are good at something it stick to that.

A very good description of our Work Process as well as the Tools & Technologies we used daily, you will find here.


“Work is what horses die of. Everybody should know that.” said a Nobel Prize winner in 1970.

We love our work a lot, but there is the other side too, that we love doing when being out of the office and computers. The hobbies within the team are diverse, from gourmet treats to semi-professional cycling, cars, motorbikes and traveling. What unites us for sure is a good beer, skiing in the winter and football all the year round (they call it soccer, in the US).

Resting and recharging our batteries over the weekend, is what we need on Monday – to be fresh and back on track. Without overload and burnout. For obvious reasons.